Thursday, January 14


Greetings dear readers!

I wanted to share with you the most wonderful blog...and gnome sighting in faraway Alaska!

Nan of Retired in Alaska has a little fairy cottage with views that rival some of the best in the U.S.! Behold:

Just look at those mountains! Gorgeous! And here's her fairy cottage:

How completely wonderful is this? Go to Nan's photos on Picasa to see the inside...incredible!

And the gnome sighting:

An entire "herd" of gnomes! Adorable! Nan has some of the most darling vintage images on her blog and in her really MUST go check them out!


Tell Nan you came from Paula Clare's gnome party!

OH! And don't forget! Tomorrow is the Incredible Elizabeth's Gnome Party and giveaway! SQUEAL! I can't wait!

Hugs and warm buttered rum kisses!
Paula Clare


Christy said...

Eeek they are super cute!!I'll check out those vintage valentine images too.

Oh there's a sweet valentine giveaway in my blog. Hope you can visit!

Creative Breathing said...

Oh Paula, Her blog is so amazing! Imagine living in such a place. You will love this... I can't find cloches either, but I bet you can find at Goodwill as I did discarded candle holders that hang? That is what this is! Picture it upside down, you'll get the picture. I glued on the button which I think is so much cuter anyway! Single saucers are easy enough to find for the bases. It's the insides for me that are hard to find! Have a great weekend! E

vivian said...

arent they the cutest freaken little things! what a nice blog. thanks to Elizabeth for sending us there!

Julie said...

Wonderful, Paula! Thanksfor introducing us to Nan--I'll go and check out her blog--I love Alaska! Went there this summer, and it is incredibly beautiful! Am so enjoying the gnome party!

Pixie said...

another kindred spirit joins the ranks...hooray! Thanks for sharing that lovely blog!

Jacqueline said...

Greetings from Jacqueline (the girl with the curl) at Once Upon a Fairyland which was my childhood home. I'd LOVE to have you for a friend. Gnomes filled the Fairyland and my husband and I built Gnomeland in our front yard last spring and will continue to the back yard this spring. I really would love to join the gnome party if there is still room! Thanks for the link up to Alaska...I'm on my way! Please come visit me if you find a moment in time...

Faith Lynn said...

Wow! I love the cottage, and those little cone-topped boys are soooo cute!