Friday, January 15


Greetings my fellow lovers of all things gnome!

I have added a few goodies to the garland giveaway to be announced at the end of the month...I will continue to add things til...well...until I'm DONE!

Once again, here is the garland that's up for grabs:

This is the inside of the box...I thought his feeding the birds was adorable...


And here's the back of the box...notice who's welcoming you inside the cabin!

And here's the front of the box complete with mushroom hanger! 

In addition, I will be adding this little treasure to the winner's box:

One of the Mario Shrooms I told you of in an older post! Stay tuned! More to come!

Peace, love and mushrooms,
Paula Clare


Meri Wiley said...

Paula Clare, I wanna' make sure I'm in this drawing. What do I have to do????????? Your banner is awesome and I love the little shroom......I must have them! ;o)

Have a great weekend,

Paula Clare said...

Hi Meri,
You're entered! All you needed to do was leave a comment to be included in the drawing! There'll be even more cuteness added to the package before it's all over!

Good luck!

Julie said...

What adorable stuff, Paula! Love all the gnominess--going to have to find mine....they're hiding around here somewhere! Mine are a little shy...

Creative Breathing said...

Oh so cute! My book arrived today. Can you believe full sized patterns in a book today??? It kills me that EVERY type of craft is included. Get out your carving tools Paula! Too funny! Your paper garland and little box are just too sweet! E

Creative Breathing said...

Paula, I am back to say that now that I know buttons are "Live" I played your glue video! I am on Cloud Nine. I have been so frustrated trying to find the "right" glue, and Voila! there you are. You are a natural born teacher my friend, and let me say how darn cute you are! I am having a tickled Pink Saturday! Yeah! E

Pixie said...

your giveaway just gets better and better!

If you are feeling all 'gnome-y' then I can suggest a couple of other books that I found in my stash. One is called The Scandinavian Elves, Their Life and History by Frid Ingulstad and Svein Solem (gorgeous pics) and the other is called Gnomeland, An Introduction to the Little People by Margaret Egleton.


Georgeanne said...

As a fellow Gnome lover, I'd love to enter your Gnome Party!

Hi! My name is erica. Would you be my friend? said...

Oh My! That SMB mushroom is adorable!!!

Meikoningin said...

Hello Paula, i just love to read your blog, it makes me giggle so hard !! And ofcourse i would be delighted if i won your gnomebox :D
Greetings from Norway, a land where gnomes are everywhere, really !