Monday, December 7


Greetings, dear reader!

As promised here are the easy "how to" Christmas ornaments, gifts and decorations. Not sure why blogger won't accept my Flip video, but alas, not to be outdone (or rather, undone) I've opted for a slideshow "show n tell" format. You can see the pictures below, and I will include directions here for each in the order of the without further adieu, I give you Paula's Palace of AltAred Art Christmas 2009:

 1. ATC Angel Shrine: Find ATC Shrine Pattern Online. Print on cardstock and fold on lines. Cover back with appropriate background paper (I used snow covered trees for mine). Cover bottom with appropriate paper (I used red brick for mine) Find a vintage image no taller than 3" high. Print on heavy cardstock. Use Stickles glitter paint or a glitter pen to highlight areas on cutout. Stand under tree or punch hole in top and add ribbon for hanging.

2. Blown Glass Schnauzer Ornie (I couldn't resist! Hobby Lobby, 1/2 price! WOOHOO!)

3.Mitten Shadow Box:  Purchase an inexpensive balsa wood box. This one was only 1.99 and measures 8x10 inches. Choose a vintage looking paper for background and outside edges. I chose a Christmas paper from Daisy D's Mistletoe Memories collection...cut to cover back and sides of box. Ink edges with brown ink pad. Sand if desired. Cut from same paper (or different) a single image. Back with cardstock. Ink edges. Set aside. Glue ricrac to outside of box.

Cover 2 Maya Road Chipboard mittens with red felt. Ink edges. Add lace, ruffles, or gathered crepe paper to edges of mittens to create "sleeves". Add a ribbon bow to each mitten. Using a paper piercer or an awl, punch a hole in the top sides of the shadowbox for pipe cleaner "clothesline." Glue a 4" piece of pipe cleaner to each mitten to form a "hanger." Slide mittens onto clothesline and run pipe cleaner clothesline through holes in box. Secure each end by bending "knots" on each side. Pop dot or glue single image to front of box . Sprinkle with mica flakes or coarse glitter for snow.

4. ATC Shrine & Frame Ornie:  Purchase chipboard ATC Shrine (I got mine from Red Lead) and chipboard frame (again from Red Lead). Cover with your favorite Christmas paper. Ink edges. Ink frame in coordinating color. Let dry. Choose a 2.5 x 3.5 vintage photo. Glue to back of frame. Highlight  photo and frame with Stickles or glitter pen. Punch hole in top, add ribbon to hang.

5.  Chipboard Mitten Ornies: These adorable, versatile chipboard shapes come 5 in a set from Maya Road. The top "mitten" has a removable snowflake. I used a small ink pad to color both the mitten and the snowflake. I popped out the snowflake, inked it, then popped it back in once dry. The other mittens were covered with favorite holiday paper. Wrapping paper, glitter, felt or fabric are also possible options. A hole is already punched for you! Simply add a hanger or ribbon to create one ornament, or string several in a row for a festive Christmas banner! Possible 5 letter words are: Jolly, Santa, Merry, Peace, Snowy, Brrrr.

6. Tin O' Goodies: This is an easy, fun gift to give to your crafty friends. In case you hadn't noticed, scrapbook embellishments are expensive...this is a thoughtful, simple, inexpensive way to both destash and help a "sister out". The little tins are easily found at Dollar Stores, Michael's, Hobby Lobby. They are generally used for gift cards, however I have included 3 tickets that say Ho, Ho, Ho, red ric rac, buttons, a Christmas Wreath, Heart, Reindeer, Sleigh, a festive bottlecap, and 3 ATC size images, one which I stamped and colored myself. This is an idea that can be used for holidays throughout the year...just change the embellies to match the holiday!

7. Cinnamon Stick Christmas Tree: This little ornie goes together so quickly you can make enough for your tree AND the  trees of family members! Simply take a long cinnamon stick (easily found during the Christmas holidays) and tie 5 pieces of coordinating fabric to stick, longest at the bottom, (7") shortest at the top (4"). Hot glue buttons on top of each, add a star, and voila! A primitive, yet handmade Christmas ornament for your tree, mantle, or door evergreens!

8. Clothespin Ornament: Here's an ornament to get the kids to gather around the table! You'll need "peg" type clothespins, snippets of greenery (an adult needs to cut these pieces from an artificial bough with wire cutters), buttons, and little unfinished star shapes. Simply slide pieces of greenery into slot of clothespin. Hot glue in place. Glue colorful buttons on top, tie ribbon around "trunk", glue star to top. To place on tree just slide onto branch.

I will complete the list this evening...must get ready to go to work!

Peace, joy and creativity to you!
Paula Clare


Rebecca Ramsey said...

How fun! And what great ideas! I can't wait for Sarah to come home from college. We'll be back for inspiration--she'll love your ideas.

Sandy said...

I can barely stand it!!!! That Mitten Shadow Box and Tin O' Goodies are too cute! I wish I could see more photos....I just love your things that you make....period! Between you and Elizabeth I am going to get this down pat! I have a lot of that Daisy D christmas paper, I just loved their papers! Sorry they are gone..... Thank you for this! I have taken and copied the how to's....and maybe I can try this sometime this year when I get my room together! LOL

Paula Clare said...

Hi Sandy! Hi Becky!
Thanks so much for your comments...Becky: I hope you and your daughter will share your creations on your blog! Sandy: you can see the photos from the slideshow by clicking on the "slide" tab at the bottom of the viewfinder. It should take you to a gallery on the website. where you can make the pictures bigger and study them more closely!

I'll be posting my finished creations soon...ya'll come back now, ya hear?