Tuesday, December 8


Greetings, friends!

I ran across this adorable wrapping paper at the Dollar Store and thought it SO CUTE I wanted to use it as background for my desktop. Here's a jpeg for your own use too!

Adorable, yes? More soon!

Paula Clare


Creative Breathing said...

Paula, Your slide shows are so much fun! So many ideas in one place! I have so many of those K boxes, I can see now how perfect they are for the shadow boxes! Eeek! another idea from you! Have a great week! PS Loved your Christmas tree! E

Cat said...

i love dollar store finds!! very cute.

Creative Breathing said...

Hi Paula, I am keeping my lips sealed FOR THE MOMENT! I will post about the stir your package caused around my house on Monday! You are just too too much. You have made me love paper! EAK! I am getting ready to create another little book about getting my daughter's first Christmas tree. What have you done to me? It's snowing paper! Have a great weekend! Elizabeth