Tuesday, December 29


My dear friend, Faith Lynn!

Faith, send me your snail mail addy and I'll get your package in the mail right away.

Blogger Faith Lynn said...
(to the tune "O Tannenbaum")

Oh Hubby Dear, Oh Hubby Dear...
How lovely is the hoosier!
Oh Hubby Dear, Oh Hubby Dear...
To buy it would behoove yer!
Your wife's the one who loves you most....who rocks your world and jams your toast!
And so the choice is crystal clear....H O O S I E R !

good luck!
Faith Lynn

Your lovely original ditty brought a smile to Hubby Dear's face...and for a brief moment, I saw his will of steel weaken. SOooo, in hope that singing it to him daily will either a) brainwash him into getting me the cabinet or b) so sicken him of the tune he'll not be able to get it out of his head or c) he'll buy it to shut me up...I award you the fabulous AltAred Art Prize Box!

Thank you to all who commented...I will reread every comment to HD until he succumbs to destiny and brings the hoosier home for wifey!

More soon,
Hugs and kisses,
Paula Clare
aka The Hoosierless Wonder


Faith Lynn said...

Wowie Zowie!!!! I never win anything (except my husband Spence's heart)so this is uuberific!

I'd like to thank my grandmother Ruby for teaching me to sing as a child. I'd also like to thank my high school choir director, Mother Moore, for believing in me, and lastly, with much discomfort...I would like to thank my EX, for playing singing games with me during the good years...OKAY, THERE I SAID IT! >:-/

I would also like to state here for the record, that you, Paula....even after all these years of separation, continue to delight me with your sense of humor! You just CRACK ME UP!!! So, thanks for being you.

Faith Lynn

Creative Breathing said...

SUPER POEM! Happy New Year Paula! If you have a chance to notice a little beribboned batch of photos on my craft desk photo, I am going to make a pink, kitchen themed, quilt photo, vintagy tag book ala PC if you would like the extra set of photos! Just let me know!E

ragamuffin diva said...

Yay!!! Congratulations to you both!