Tuesday, November 17


Greetings, dear reader!

As promised, here is the advent calendar I completed yesterday. You can print, assemble, and finish it in 2 hours! Easy peasy! Just type "Advent Calendar Template" into your search engine, and BAM! Lots of fab ideas for calendars, gifts and traditions!

It's a mere 8x10, so you can print it on regular size letter paper. You could also mount it on canvas board and then frame it with a pretty 8x10 frame! Because space in my little 750 sq. ft. dream cottage is at a premium, I decided to keep it simple and just add a ribbon to the top for hanging. Voila!

For each of the days, I took my December "to do" list and incorporated it into the calendar...for example, Day 2: Make 2 Christmas ATCs to trade.  Day 3: Watch 3 Christmas movies. Day 12: Address 12 Envelopes for Christmas Cards. Day 15:  Rubber Stamp 15 envelopes and mail. Day 21: Dust 21 things in the house...

I thought it might make the preparations for the holiday a bit more fun...YAY! Christmas! It IS the most wonderful time of the year!

More soon! Hugs!
Paula Clare


Queen Bean said...

Paula, Wow, that looks great! Way cuter than the ones I've seen on the stores. Deana

Rebecca Ramsey said...

What a gorgeous advent calendar! Love it!