Friday, November 20


Greetings, dear reader!

While I have been feeling rather puny the last few days, I have used the "down time" to create a little gift for you...something useful as well as decorative that you can download and print yourself! A little calendar made with ATCs digitally created. Here are just a few of the images:



Here is the link to go get the zipped file:

I am so very grateful for each and every one of your thoughtful comments and for those of you who are following my blog, following me on Twitter and/or Facebook! I've made so many wonderful friendships with those of you in blogdom! Thanks so much for all your support!

Paula Clare


Sandy said...


I need to ask you a question about the images you bought from Redlead Paperworks....could you please email me at I need to know how you enlarged the images....I can't seem to do it! And I think I offended the kind people that own the company.Thanks! Sandy

Creative Breathing said...

Paula, Your Christmas version of yourself in your profile photo is wonderful! I think one of the ACT's you sent me is a digital one. I love my puppy cards! The laminated ones are such a great idea! I am enjoying my tag swap so much I hope to host a Valentine's one unless another person is having one. I think we have such a special group of ladies participating. Each tag is so wonderful. I can't wait for you to get yours! Have a great Thanksgiving! E