Monday, November 16


Greetings, dear reader!

Can you finish the little mealtime prayer that titles this post? It was a standard practice at mealtime when I was a wee, or one of my sisters would bow our heads and begin the prayer...

God is great...(kicking my sister under the table)
God is good...(opening one eye to scope out the primo piece of friend chicken)
Let us thank Him...(clasping my little hands together as though folding them more tightly means I am a more sincere pray-er)
For our food...AMEN!

I remembered this little prayer as I was creating the following Christmas gift for a dear relative who shall go unnamed at this time...









 The above is my very favorite page...such insight! Such wisdom! And SOOOOOOOOO true in my thinking!









I am going to include photos of the family member who made the recipe "famous" (or infamous in my case) and recipes for favorite meals...breakfast, lunch, dinner and family faves. THAT PART has to remain a secret...don't you just LOVE the Cosmo Cricket Early Bird papers?

I'll be back to show you the advent calendar I created...100% paper!

Hugs and smoochies!
Paula Clare

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vivian said...

love this! what a great idea! someone will be very happy to recieve it!