Sunday, November 8


Greetings, dear reader!

Hubby Dear, Webster and I have returned from another trip in the canned ham. The local "wilderness" was awash with color and sunshine this weekend! The quiet was disturbed only by the occasional bay of a hunting dog, on the trail of some poor unsuspecting pheasant or quail. Of course, OUR little tracker was doing his own version of hunting.

In the words of Sophia on Golden Girls, "Picture it: The sun shining brightly through now bare trees, the sky a vivid blue, and Paula Clare in her camping chair before a card table crafting her little brains out." Surrounded by paper containers, and my ever handy "Paper Craft Essentials Tote", I had 16 tags to make for Elizabeth's tag swap, and I brought them along to work on. The weather, the lighting, the atmosphere couldn't have been more conducive to creativity!

Because I have some sort of "mental block" when it comes to "mass production", I could not make them all the same, even though they will all be going to 15 different places, 15 different friends. I think it has something to do with the mindset that ONE is a work of art, 2 or more equals mass production.( Not that there's anything wrong with's just a personal "block" of some kind.) AND, because I'm such an over achiever, they are all two in actuality, I made 32 tags! Oh the glorious madness! Paper snippings everywhere! Craft glue glistening in the sun! Oh bliss!

My husband sat boggled at my persistence and continual work...when I'm on a "roll", I don't even take a bathroom break! Here's how our conversation went:

HD (Hubby Dear) What are you making?
PC (Paula Clare) Tags.
HD: What kind of tags?
PC: Paper Tags, what else?
HD: For what?
PC: To swap.
HD: With who?
PC: "Whom." Some of my friends in blogdom.
HD: THEN what do you do with them?
PC: Admire them. Decorate with them. They are for inspiration.
HD: How many do you have to make?
PC: 16...actually 32. I'm making them two sided.
HD: Are they all the same? You know you COULD make them all the same. It'd be alot easier.
PC: No. You know I couldn't do it that way!
HD: But....aren't they all going to different places?
PC: Yes. But...I just...I'm doing it THIS way, okay?
HD: Okay, okay.
HD: Are you having fun?
PC: Yes. This is heaven.
HD: Are you going to take a break?
PC: Probably not.
HD: When's supper?

And so it goes. He's SO MUCH closer to "getting me" than he ever used to be. But I think the fact that my medium is generally paper, he doesn't see the fascination. I guess seeing the innate quality of a piece of paper or a slab of cardboard is a "gift" of some sort. I just love "making a silk purse out of a sow's ear" as my grandmother used to say. Quaint, yes? It's so much fun coming up with color combos and unexpected embellishments. I hope the ladies enjoy them half as much as I enjoyed making them!

More soon!
Hugs and a kiss,
Paula Clare


Angela said...

Sounds like a wonderful weekend!! So what did Bud find to keep himself amused with while you scrapped??

Hey, I would like to get with you about copies of some of these old pics you have...maybe I have some you would like also?? We need an online "old family photos" swap meet.

Paula Clare said...

Hey chick! Welcome back to blogdom! Where have you been?

Yes, I'm game to post my pics some place for Facebook? What would work best for you? Let me know!

Creative Breathing said...

EAK! Paula Clare! A canned ham post as well as the genius behind the madness! Where do I begin? What a laugh as I picked up your box. Knowing you your tags could have been that heavy! What a Christmas Day it was for me. Layer after layer of never ending, amazing paper art. Oh my goodness! Paula, how can you possibly part with your Christmas book? (Sorry, You will have to come here if you want it back!) I started one on my own and scrapped the whole thing because I couldn't figure out how to make it pokey at the edges. You just knew I would need a visual aide! Treasure, treasure, treasure! What a gift to know you. My heart is perfectly perfect, my extras are too too generous - wow! that apron is so me! I can not wait for our ladies to receive your tags, and I can not wait to buy more paper! Thank you more than I can express, E

vivian said...

well sister.. you are just amazing! I did the mass create thing and never thought anything of it.. (until now!!) I love the pictures that E posted.. THey all look wonderful! Cant wait to recieve all the tags!
My husband sort of Gets it now.. Its taken a few years though!
have a great weekend!

Sandy said...

Wow! Paula, those tages are wonderful ( just saw them on Elizabeth's blog! I have to learn how to do this. I feel so intimidated when I sit down. I signed up for the "one for one: and it took me over an hour! I am going to study those photos! And by the way, I get that same conversation from my hubby! LOL

She'sSewPretty said...

Oh my goodness! I've just been to E's blog and looked at your tags! They are so over the top cute!! Mine are all done but now I am having serious craft anxiety. Go peek at my blog tomorrow morning and give me some tips! Please oh please!