Friday, October 9


Greetings, dear reader!

You know how sometimes you discover someone in the world of blogdom with whom you have a certain instant connection? A kinship of sorts? Someone you might describe as a "soul sistuh?" I have found such a woman in Elizabeth of Bluebird Papercrafts!

I have recently received a box of goodies I can only describe as "a box of my heart's desires". Truly. Everything inside was so incredibly ME and yet, "E" as well!

Behold the color combo of my heart: Red and Aqua:

And the utter JOY of hand stitched sweetness:

Also, while making room for said red and aqua, this little item fell off the wall...I made it several years ago. You know how sometimes you begin a project and it just "evolves" and ends up being something so very "you"? This collage worked that way...It started out as a scrapbook layout, but I soon began doodling and painting and pasting and cutting and...well...voila. It's even got nuts and bolts! The photo is of a MUCH younger, thinner, longer haired me. Anyway, I love the color and the message "Don't Doubt." I was more inspired AFTER I created it than before! I love it when that happens!

Anyway, just a post to say how very blessed and fortunate I am to have found such kinship from this little blog...and such commradery among fellow paper artists!

More soon!
paula clare


She'sSewPretty said...

What a wonderful gift from E. I also love blue and aqua. I know that package will bring you lots of inspiration.

Holly- Girls At Heart said...

What a great Red and Aqua treat! It makes me feel happy just seeing it through the screen! ♥

Bluebird Papercrafts said...

Hi Paula, It's me! I am very much looking forward to my new adventure in paper tag swaps and the such. You are such an inspiration to me! Cute stuff!

Folksie Linda said...

What wonderful gifts you have received.. I have seen Elizabeth's work and just think she is so incredibly talented.. you are so lucky to have such adorable handmade things in your presence.. lucky girl! I love it all!

vivian said...

so much sweet stuff.. I just cant imagine parting with so much sweetness! But.. now she has room for more!
have a great weekend Paula.