Tuesday, September 22


Greetings, dear reader!

As we continue our tour westward, we decided to spend a day or two (at the behest of a Facebook friend) at Palo Duro...Texans own version of the Grand Canyon!

Our Tour Mascot, Webster the Wonder Dog chooses (and LOVES) this method of travel!

This guy was at the gate, greeting us with a Texas Longhorn Howdy...

And another member of the welcome wagon joins us!

The Canyon from the top...isn't it beautiful?

And a "zoom" along the bottom...

For those of you on the tour bus with a tendency to get car sick, you may want to grab the Dramamine! We weren't sure the "tour bus" would pull the canned ham...nor did we realize how hairpin many of the turns were! WOOHOO! HANG ON!

And the view from the bottom? Amazing! You can rent these fab little stone pueblos...I LOVE the central air unit in front!

And the cactus was in bloom!

And all manner of "high desert" flowers!

Talking our Tour Dog on a walk.

And our campsite...wasn't it great?

After hiking the canyon all day, be sure to turn in early and get some rest! The tour bus will be leaving at "dark thirty" in the morning for The Land Of Enchantment: New Mexico!

Peace and Rest!
Paula Clare

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barncat said...

Lovely pictures today! I'm kind of new to your blog and hadn't seen Webster the Wonder Dog yet, what a cutie! One of those little pueblos would be so fun to rent!