Sunday, September 6


Greetings, dear reader!

As promised here are the chronicles of our journey west on Route 66. We found some of the most amazing (and ridiculous) sites along the way!

After seeing the Meramec Caverns barn signs in Phillipsburg, and running across this little church on the same road,

our first stop overnight was in a lovely little State Park called Twin Bridges, OK. We had the entire campground to ourselves! It was lovely!

The next morning, we drove down the road a bit to a place called Miami, OKlahoma, to a little establishment known as "Waylan's KuKu Burger."

Unfortunately for us, it was early and the KuKu was not yet open for business. :-( Also in Miami was the historic Coleman theatre. It was beautiful!


Here too was where we found some of the original pavement of Route 66. It was 9 feet wide, and was pavement in places, and gravel and red dirt in places. It was here our trip began to feel a bit like an adventure...the van and camper were exactly the same width as the road. When we met an oncoming truck, we opted to let HIM figure out how to pass.

This was one of Hubby Dear's favorite parts of the trip. There was just something really nostalgic about driving on a road only wide enough for a Model A!

Stay tuned tomorrow when you'll get to travel with me to Catoosa, Oklahoma: Home of the Infamous Blue Whale!

More soon!

Paula Clare

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