Sunday, September 27


Our tour has become reminiscent of the infamous "Broken Bus Tour of 1998" when I was in merry old England!

However, much to my horror, my pics of Santa Fe are GONE! MIssing! I can't find them ANYWHERE! They are NOT still on my camera, nor are they in other files on my computer...THEN my internet connection went belly up, so I couldn't post to tell you what became of your tour guide! I was truly mortified, feeling like I left all of my intrepid travelers to fend for themselves for several days. Tour guides don't just "pop off" the scene! A thousand pardons!

I hope to have an internet connection again tomorrow (Monday) meanwhile, I am sitting at Denny's, sipping decaf eating chocolate cake to drown my sorrows.

Lots of my emails are missing thinks a virus creepeth...BOO!

Anyway, please do not fret! Do not fear! Your Route 66 tour will resume as soon as we are able to get the bus (and tour guide) up and running again! Meanwhile, take advantage of this serendipitous stop and see what there is to see here in Tucumcari!

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