Wednesday, September 23


Greetings, dear readers!

As promised, I and our faithful tour guide mascot and companion Webster the Wonder Dog are here to continue our tour of Route 66. Please hang on to your penny loafers because we've got a long trip ahead of us!

As we make our way from Amarillo to New Mexico, the road begins to take on a bit of a lonely look...miles and miles of...well...miles and miles, stretched out before us like a lone black snake racing toward the sunset...

One thing you may notice, dear traveler, is that the gas stations and food stops are becoming quite sparse...even billboards are few and far between. The terrain has taken on a different look...we are truly entering into another world!

As we continue west, the first thing on the map (correction: The ONLY thing on the map) are sights in Tucumcari, New Mexico. It is the only town listed for miles...that's okay...I am DYING to see the Route 66 sites there...neon teepees, bluebirds and sombreros...woot!

(As I was snapping furiously, Hubby Dear asked, "How many pictures of a neon teepee do you need?" to which I replied, "One can NEVER have too many!")

Right down the road was the famed Blue Swallow Hotel...this place is Route 66 paydirt! WOOHOO!

And dear tourists, if you'll look out of the left side of the tour bus, you'll see the famed "Sombrero Diner": La Cita! It looks closed...not PERMANENTLY, but just for the day.

And then, cowboys and cowgirls, take a look at THIS piece of glowing nostalgia:

The Buckaroo Motel...still open for business!

This has been a productive day! Both the tour bus and the tourists are wiped out and finding a place to camp for the evening...we found a state park and a pull through campsite. Yes, that will do nicely. The canned ham looks/feels like a palace tonight!

(Our mascot appears to be "dog tired.")

Tomorrow my intrepid travelers : Santa Fe!

We will detour from our western path to go north to Colorado. The Royal Gorge and Colorado's Rocky Mountains await us!

But fear not! The trip home will take us back to Route 66 in Kansas and'll not want to miss it!

More soon!
Paula Clare
(WOOF) Webster
Paula Clare


creative breathing said...

Paula, With your theme music and photographs I was right there with you. I think this has been the most fun day yet! I love your tin can! Too cute the curtains and your mascot! I hope you are creating a wonderful scrapbook with all these terrific images. Can't wait for the next stop!

Paula Clare said...

Hi E!
Thanks for stopping by and joining the tour across Route 66! I've added the pic of the sombrero restaurant...not sure how I forgot it!

See you soon!

barncat said...

Oh what fun! The Blue Swallow Hotel, a neon tepee . . . love seeeing these pictures! We're having a *Mother Road* festival here this weekend, but we don't have anything left like this around here, thanks so much for sharing the pics!