Saturday, August 8


Greetings, dear readers!

I am off to spend the day at my favorite little shop: Red Lead Paper Works in Webster Groves. A friend and I signed up for a day-long "Play Day" to create and be inspired! I will be posting pics of our creations upon arrival home!

Meanwhile, do something GOOD for you today...and follow your bliss!

More soon!


Paula Clare


Tina said...

HOpe you had some fun, heard thru the grapevine you were spreading the love for Paper Cowgirl!! Thank yoU :) hugs,t

creative breathing said...

Paula, You have made my day! I almost couldn't bring myself to open your envelope because it was so darn nabbin' cute! A lasso around my address! The inside got even better! A neckerchief in red tied in cowgirl ribbon! Too cute. But your block is just too, too! Oh my gosh, the work you put into this is just amazing! I must confess that in my hurry to show my husband by jumping over Charlie, a drop of my husband's coffee landed on my "Cowgirl's Rule". I thankfully cut out the same tag on the envelope and glued it in place. I am so beyond sorry. I just love it the same. The back is my long, long trailer! This block could not be more appreciated. Look for it to be posted when the glue dries! Thank you so much for helping me celebrate my year in this most creative community! Elizabeth