Monday, August 24


Greetings dear reader!

Our trip has been delayed due to "circumstances beyond my control", therefore, I decided to make good use of the time (since I've been packed and ready for WEEKS). I've created an art quilt and two canvas dollies! Behold the goods:

Here's the entire's backing is an old tablecloth!

Here's a close up of the embroidery. I am still no good at it...I decided to draw the camera instead of stitching it for that very reason!

Here's a close up of some of the buttons and the little wooden "mini me" button. Isn't it adorable? It came from Rainbow Catz (so did the mushroom buttons)!

I used Hambly's screen printed rubons...aren't they fab? And they will adhere to most any fabric! WOOT!

And HOW could I make a quilt without my favorite little poochies? Red Lead stamps are da bomb!

Here's the mushroom button...and the ribbon? Isn't it incredibl? I LOVE it! I got it at the CK vendors convention! I wish I had a dozen more yards of the stuff!

And here's the wonderfully worn, vintage and oh-so-washed quilt block that backs the art quilt. It seems aqua and red ALWAYS find their way home with me!

Here are the two little canvas dollies...I didn't have any fiberfill so I stuffed them with beans! Old fashioned and effective! I love them! Pattern and prints from a new and inspiring ezine: Parasol Crafts. It's 111 pages of inspiration, crafts, patterns, and downloads! AND for only 2.50! That's insane, my friend! Go! Go right now! I'll wait til you get back!

Now you can make the dollies yourself! Here's a close up of Rose Red. I had forgotten all about her in the Snow White story! Isn't she adorable?

And here's Snow White...always a dark haired beauty...

One more thing! Here's the most beautiful (if I do say so myself) ATC I've ever made! The ATC is a bit larger than typical (call me a rebel) .Created for a friend with stamps, charms and images from Red Lead, my personal card stash, and soldered charms by my artist friend Tina Wright!

I used a paisley border for the waves, and added seagreen glitter on the top...then stacked them with pop dots. I used little irridescent seashell sequins and tucked them between the waves. (Sorry about the dark picture, the ATC was too bumpy and lumpy for the scanner!)

The stamp and image are from Red Lead, but the poem, this amazing poem, is from Lord Byron...I think it is so beautiful:

"There be none of beauty's daughters
With magic like thee
And like music on the waters
Is your sweet voice to me."

Okay, we are REALLY leaving for Route 66 tomorrow! I've purchased my books:


So we are in good hands! Pictures, stories, and tales of our adventure from the road!

Meanwhile, take some advice from Nat King Cole:

"Well if you ever plan to motor west,
Just take my way , that's the highway that's the best.
Get your kicks on Route sixty-six."

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