Friday, August 21


Greetings, dear reader!

I am happy to report that Hubby Dear, Webbie, Travel Gnome "Gnomey" and I will be leaving for 2 weeks of MUCH needed vacation. We are planning to travel old Route 66 and ultimately end up in New Mexico, and then Colorado. Here's a great video of the scenic wonders of the old "Mother Road.":

I'll be posting as I'm able from the road...meanwhile, we'll be getting our kicks on Route 66!

Peace, OUT!

More soon!


Paula Clare

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creative breathing said...

Paula you MUST post of your adventure on Rte 66. Oh how I wish traveling was the way it used to be. The Mom and Pop motels, the tourist attractions, diner food... what fun for you and your husband! While you are gone I will have a chance to work on your ATC cards! I am so happy that you can use them. I just knew that cowboy would find it's way to you! Be on the lookout for great cowboy stuff on your trip! Yippie KiAy! Elizabeth