Tuesday, August 4


Greetings, dear reader!

I have been working feverishly to keep up with the committments I've made on both Swap-Bot and friend's blogs. I tend to over commit because when I do I find I am more likely to stay on a "creative roll" than when I have no deadlines looming.

Allow me to share with you the swap I'm doing with Creative Breathing. This woman's work, is first of all, the definition of "cute." (Seriously, go to the dictionary and look up "cute", I'll BET YOU one of Elizabeth's creations is on the page!) She's also the queen of all things red and aqua. (le sigh) I am SO envious of her little workspace, I just may show up on her doorstep one day with belongings in-tow. I digress...

Anyway, she's having a "Block Party" to celebrate her 300th post. Genius that she is, she's making a garland out of 5" square blocks that she gets from her blog readers. In return, she is creating each of US a block in her typical sugary sweet style. I can hardly wait to get my hands on mine! Here's the one I made for her:

In typical "overachiever fashion" I made my block double sided. It's so hard to get ALL of my "expressive style" to fit into a 5" block!

And because I feel I'm lacking in the "being-able-to-pull-off-cute" department, I over compensated by making the envelope a bit of art too:

And here's the ATC I made for a digital ATC swap. I just LOVE fat babies, don't you?

I guess this is one good thing that comes from insomnia (which is currently, dear reader, kicking my butt).

More soon!

More soon!


Paula Clare

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Cat said...

stopping by to say hi!! Hope you are having a lovely summer...been busy off the blogs, but hoping to be a regular reader again once fall sets in. Ahhhhh....fall!