Thursday, July 9


Greetings, dear readers!

I am currently having "issues" with my laptop computer...therefore my updates may be sporadic and few. I can't upload photos (BOO! I have some of the COOLEST things to show you!)

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, I will be leaving this Saturday to go on a missions trip to Telaquah, Oklahoma to do some repair work on the Indian reservation. I'll be going as a youth chaperone...I'll post pictures of our time there as soon as I'm able. :-(

Also, I just joined Swap-Bot and have joined 2 or 3 ATC swaps. WHICH REMINDS ME: All of you who are participating in my "HOME" ATC swap, please have your cards in the mail by July 15th (ish). Again, I will let you know as soon as I receive yours and will be sending you a little thank you RAK at once!

More (hopefully) SOON!



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Angela said...

I have my "home" ATC done...just got to wait for a day that I can get to the post office. No later then Wednesday...promise :) Prayers for all of you on your missions trip!!!