Tuesday, June 16


Greetings, dear reader!

Just a quickie post today...I don't know how many of you have the benefit of having nearby dollar stores in your area (Dollar Tree, Dollar General, Deals ,etc) but living in economically depressed southern Illinois has it's (few) advantages...we GOTS US SOME DOLLAR STORES!

Anyway, you can find jar candles in wonderfully yummy scents...a dollar each or two for a dollar. I love these little Mason jars, and love to use them after the candle is gone for storing my supplies. Like many of you, I am a very visual soul...meaning, if I don't see it, I don't use it. So glass jars are the perfect remedy...

Anyway, I just added some circles of sassafras paper on top, hand dyed ribbon and voila! Adorable instant storage that is both visually appealing AND visually available! WOOT! What's not to love?

More soon!


Paula Clare


Angela said...

I ADORE jars...is that weird? I probably started canning as much for the visual beauty as anything. (although I readily admit I love to eat my own homegrown food.) I love your decorated little jars!! I don't go to the dollar store near as often as I should...thanks for jogging my memory!

Angela said...

Hey, I just had to make another comment on this post...since I stumbled across this website. It's Dollar Store Crafts!!! Here is the link to the site and to one of the craft ideas I thought was adorable! Hope you like it :)