Sunday, June 14


Greetings, dear reader!

Hubby Dear, Webster and I just returned from a weekend of camping. WOWZA! Was it hot?!?! BUT Hubby Dear found a teeny tiny air conditioner that "just happened" to fit in the window of the canned, we had a "refrigerated canned ham" all weekend! Kept it at a balmy 65 degrees, while heat indexes oustide were in the 100s! WOOHOO!

The below photos were taken last night...the camper is not radioactive, the humidity created such a haze that the photos look as though we were floating in a cloud. The first shot is of the BEAUTIFUL air conditioner. lol

This is the front of the camper, citronella lantern burning on the's not a "rogue flame" as it appears in the photo!

(And for those of you "die hard" campers who do NOT believe it is REAL camping without a tent and no electricity, I will just say to you, "NA NA NA NA NA!" The tent campers were sweltering, cranky and perpetually looking for shade, while we sat comfortably and cool-y (is that a word?) in the a/c.)

Webster (like US) appreciates the cooler air. The puppy loved his jaunts on the bike trails, but was always happy to come back to the "refrigeration unit" for meals and cool veggin'! Before the weekend was over, the little guy wasn't feeling too well. We don't know if the heat got to him or what it was, but he seems to be better now. We were certainly worried about him, but I began thinking that the heat has the same effect on me...(I will spare you the gorey details...suffice to say, it is an ADVERSE effect...) Anyhoo, we are once again in the cold bliss of our "cave temperature" home, cool as the proverbial cucumber.

Speaking of "home", I'd like to show you the sketch my dear daughter Leah made for my little Home ATC project. She is such a sweetie...

I'm hoping she sends with it the's a bit "sappy" and sentimental, but oh so perfect! I'll share it with you when it arrives...

Meanwhile, I was working on more ATCs while away this weekend...I have some vintage Alice in Wonderland images I'm using...I just love them! The floral print design is from the back of a prima transparency package. Really beautiful...certainly you don't THROW THEM AWAY?!?!

Here are a couple of my ATCs for your perusal:

The Mad Hatter is hands down my favorite character in the story...for, some would say, obvious reasons!

More soon!



Paula Clare

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