Saturday, June 6


Greetings, dear readers!

I have been feeling a bit nostalgic lately...missing my mom and dad, my sisters. And so I've been thinking about the crafts we used to do as a group in VBS and Sunday School...simpler things in simpler times. At least, it seems so to me...

Anyway, while I've not undertaken the matchstick cross or the loop-de-loop potholders (yet), I have remembered a little craft that has become once again "all the rage": pom pom creatures.

Yes, it's true, the little yarn fuzzies have found their way into my heart...I wasn't sure I remembered how to make them...the ready-made pom poms just aren't "right" for the kinds of little animals I'm thinking about. So I purchased a tiny blue skein of yarn, and did what I remembered...I wrapped the yarn around two fingers, tied it tightly in the middle, and then began snipping.

I decided I needed to make a little bird who could sit beneath the shade of the mushrooms. I'm not sure why he came out with a beret and paint palette, but I believe he'll act as a "creative muse" while I sit at my craft table...

Exhausted from the photo shoot (I am only showing you two of a dozen or so photos snapped), he decided to sit a bit...

This little bluebird truly makes me happy...who'd have thought that the resurrection of pom pom crafts could be so cute?

Thanks for stopping by! Stop by again when you'll hear Mr. Bluebird say, "I'm ready for my close up Mr. DeMille!"


Paula Clare


Ruby Claire said...

Ohh mr. bluebird is oh so cuuuuttteee!!!!
Ohh and the answer, regarding your latest question about my youtube video.. of actual work this canvas took me just over an hour.. the cutting out of the images took AGES. The images were from a big Enid Blyton childrens book I found at an op shop for 5c.
I hope that answers your questions :)

Angie Shope said...

He is so darling! You needs do a video of this "long forgotten" crafting I have never learned it :) He is very adorable..