Monday, March 9


Greetings dear reader! So sorry for the lack of updates in the past week or so...

I was with my sister Peggy in Indiana the last weekend in February, and then went to babysit my grandson for a week in Springfield, MO. I hope to post photos of both shortly.

While in Springfield, I contracted some kind of plague and was violently ill with congestion, fever and a general malaise that makes one feel rather....bluk. I am home today instead of counseling because I woke up with a fever and feeling dizzy (er) than usual. So I am again sequestered to the sofa.

I will be updating with photos and more retreat info as soon as I can!

Thanks for your prayers and staying with me...even in my blogging absences

More soon!


Paula Clare


Bunny B said...

Hi Paula!!! I'm so sorry to hear you're not feeling well. Hope you get well soon!

Cat said...

Little kids are germy!! I know, because I have one and seem to always get his sniffles:) I hope you feel better soon!