Monday, February 2


Greetings, dear reader!

Thanks to Hubby Dear, I now have the vintage camper I've been whining about. Well, not THE vintage camper...this one needs lots of TLC...but envision if you will...a sparkling new paint (white) with a funky aqua stripe...

I give you: Canned Ham Circa 1976:

For those of you out there mocking me...let me just add: YES, I DO know it's horrid...however, I see great potential in the little round's the inside. Also needing some loving attention:

The owner did the cushions in burgundy and green. The curtains are burgundy, green and blue. No thanks. Imagine instead (if you will) denim cushions, red bandana window coverings, and a vintage cowgirl motif. NOW we're talking! Aqua appliances and dishes...woohoo! A little vintage tincan fit for a ... well...a cowgirl!

The ceilings have been renovated and repainted...

I'm not too keen on the faux brick backsplash, nor the harvest gold stovetop, but again, I see better things in store!

We have all the cabinet doors and assorted gadgets that seem to be missing in the photo. No worries...

I will keep those of you who are interested posted with our progress via Twitter, Facebook , and, of course, HERE at the Palace!

More soon! Hugs!


Paula Clare

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Miss Angie said...

I heart your little "ham"!!! I love the idea of the denim & bandana theme!!! But then, I have this total infatuation with denim anyway!! The current color scheme of harvest gold brings back days of childhood!! I think we had a harvest gold stove most of my life growing up at home? How bizarre is it that people used to actually LIKE that color?? Go figure?? Can't wait to see the transformation unfold!!! HAVE FUN!!!