Saturday, February 7


Greetings, dear reader!

I wanted to share with you a super easy fabric art journal project that involves NO SEWING, just glue, streamers, batting and fabric!

Here's the completed journal:

I snagged the beautiful aqua and red background fabric (chiffon with silver glitter!) 2 yards at Goodwill for $1.00! WOOT! I got 1/4 yard pieces of raw silk on clearance at Hancock fabrics and then ripped them into 1: streamers. The base of the journal is a $1 paper book from the Dollar store. I used a Uhu gluestick and covered the front and back of the cover of the book with glue, then stuck the batting on the glue. I then laid the journal on the fabric and covered the batting, gluing (with Beacon's glue) the edges of the fabric inside the book. I then used raw silk streamers to tie both vertically and horizontally to help secure the fabric and batting into place. I tied several streamers together into a knot and then cut off the ends to form a fabric "bow". I tied these where the vertical and horizontal streamers intersect. I braided several more streamers and stuck it in the middle of the book, tying it to the inside of the vertical streamers.

I added assorted "heirloom beads" (The sterling silver and wooden beads were purchased for me by my sister and brother in law while in the countries of Sudan and Yemen). The murano glass heart and some of the glass beads are from my niece Emileigh's stash. The twine little native was given to me by my niece Aria. The bingo shrine charm was made for me by the incredible Tina Wright (of Paper Cowgirl fame). Other assorted handmade paper, fimo and glass beads, plus silver charms complete the book. I absolutely LOVE it! I cut the edges of the pages with 3 or 4 different pairs of decorative edge scissors, so all the edges of the pages are different sizes and shapes.

I will be adding pages to it right away...I have a few already rady to go inside. Here's my first:

The felt tree was a hideous christmas ornament found on the clearance table at Kohl's. They were about 80% off so I thought "I could make that cute." So I took off the horribly ugly felt flowers that were glued on...and instead glued on button flowers and buttons. I took some silk thread from the streamers and twisted and entwined it around the buttons on the tree. I added a chipboard and contact paper little deer, and stamped a word on a cloud and voila! Instant art page! I spritzed it with antique silver glimmer mist. I just love it!


More soon!


Paula Clare

PS (we will be making a journal similar to this at the AltAred Art Retreat in March! I will be back later with a little button you can add to your blog, plus more pricing and information!)


Anonymous said...

Ohh, I do like it!


Angela said...

THREE WORDS...FAB U LOUS !!!! Oh, and hey, when you get a minute...check out my new blog. I finally took the time to get it started.


candy said...

WOW! I'm really impressed! I love felt!