Wednesday, February 4


Greetings, dear reader!

I have joined the Altered Arts group on Facebook and have been sharing some of my altered books. I thought I'd share a few of my pages here with you!

This is my very first attempt at altering a started out with a travel theme, but was quickly overtaken by sacred inspiration (I LOVE IT when that happens!)

Cover of book

Inside cover with a picture I photoshopped. Taken out west with my mom.

Page collage

Photo of a 100 year old Methodist church in Lebanon, IL (and a little love letter from God)

Postcard from London

San Damiano Cross from Assisi Italy. Scrap of prayer cloth. Prayer box charm.

Photo of Cathedral ruins from London, England. Taken while on Charles Dickens walking tour.

Brown crumpled paper bag with chalk coloring. Gothic window with sacred heart of Jesus and image of stained glass window from Trinity church in Springfield, IL.

Charcoal and pastel sketch of dancing francis.

One of my favorite St. Francis quotes.

Lyrics from Michael Card's song, "God's Own Fool." Photos of "fool" (aka ME) in assorted costumes and foolishness.

Photo of rooftops in Little Scandanavia, Wisconsin.

St. Francis prayer card with Wolf of Gubbio. Prayer of St. Francis on copper.

Franciscan mission in San Antonio, Texas

More pics of my travels soon!


Paula Clare


Cat said...

AWESOME. My favorite is the fool page and the Francis Quote...good quote, btw.

Miss Angie said...

Your pages are always so "inspired"
I love them all!! Too fab!!