Tuesday, January 6


Greetings, dear reader!

I am coming to you "live" from the beautiful, sandy white beaches of Florida's gulfcoast. I wanted to share a few pictures with you and let you know how Webster is faring with BOTH his first extended road trip, AND his first time at the beach.

We are thrilled with how well he's handling long car rides...he's acclimating quite well. However, where the beach is concerned, it's a different story. He HATES the water. We found a paw playground and dog beach, took him there to play and romp with other doggie friends, and he STILL wanted no part of it. In fact, he left "skid marks" where Hubby Dear tried to DRAG him to the water's edge. No dice.

I DID get a few photos of the place where we're staying...behold the FAB little "on the water" abode:

This is the deck off the back of the cabin:

The enormous white dog in the photo is a full blooded wolf. He belongs to the owner of the resort.

Places are still decorated for Christmas! It's so warm we have a hard time believing it's not summer vacation!

Here are a couple of photos of the beaches we went to today...Webster was NOT impressed with the perfectly white sand, the bright blue skies, OR the jillions of seashells under foot.

Absolutely beautiful! I DO NOT miss you, ILLINOIS weather!

More soon!

Paula Clare


scrappysue said...

wonderful, wonderful, wonderful! hope u continue to have a fabby sunny time! love the new blog look too! happy new year

Anonymous said...

You make me so very jealous. Love ya. Travel safely and have fun for me :)