Tuesday, January 20


Greetings, dear reader!

I am in the throes of studying, researching, and creating an AltAred Art Journal...I have found some of the most wonderful inspiration in blogdom. Behold, the irrepressible Ngaire Bartlam of "Blog Me Baby" fame:

And this "recently discovered" young artist, Ruby Claire:

I am currently coveting the following books...if anyone would like to help a "starving artist sistuh" out, I'll be happy to pay postage if you'd be philanthropic enough to send them my way!

I just latched onto some more "must have" journal supplies. Film and update coming soon to a blog near YOU! (this one)

More soon!


Paula Clare


Ruby Claire said...

Awwww thanks so much for linking me Paula!! And thanks HEAPS for your help about pricing! :D Ohh i love Ngaire's stuff too! Those books look soooooo fab!!!! Danngg they are on my 'To Buy' list!!! Just need the moneys :P
Have a great week!

Cat said...

Totally inspired, too! Thanks for sharing.

Miss Angie said...

What awesome art journals! Keeping an eye out for the books for you. Our library has a book sale in the spring...if I find any of these, I'll snag them for ya! Oh boy and more videos soon!!!! I can't wait....I'm so excited!!!!!!!!!