Thursday, December 11


Greetings, dear reader!

I am crazy busy but wanted to post the latest installment of the Clouse House becoming the North Pole. Here's a little collage of the madness:

Tomorrow I am off to Newburgh, Indiana with dear friend and Franciscan sister, Dusty. We are going to eat lunch with her Spiritual Director, then shop some of the quaint, Dickensesque shops in downtown Newburgh. We will then stop in E'ville for a Starbucks Peppermint Mocha Twist, and Panera for an Orange Cranberry Muffin. I shall document the day in photos, and post them here this weekend!

Peace and joy to you all!

More soon!


Paula Clare


scrappysue said...

so you've just got the one or two christmas decorations up then paula?
i see this is perhaps your favourite time of the year? love it - so festive. your enthusiasm is contagious!!!

Paula Clare said...

Hi Sue,
Yes, Christmas is at least my favorite DECORATING time of the year...I start the day after Thanksgiving and the snow persons stay in place until at least Valentines day! I refuse to let the fact that I have only 750 sq. ft. of space to deter me from decorating with the same "gusto" as those with a 1200 sq. ft. home!

Back to the tinsel throwing! Hugs!

Rebecca Ramsey said...

Ooh! It took a few minutes for me to recover from my daze over imagining a Panera orange cranberry muffin before I could click on your collage. My, your house looks so Christmasy! I love the pooch! What a great elf he makes!

Cat said...

Love the collage. The baking snowman is so cool. I am sure I would LOVE your kitchen... I can just tell. And your sister's puppy with the hat on--adorable.