Saturday, December 6


Well, not so much. The Yankee Christmas Eve and Christmas Wreath candles are lit...however I have YET TO FIND a working strand of lights! I have tested and tried 6...of which 6 remained unlit. How does that happen? How do ALL of the lights I've purchased over the years ALL go out at once? It's a case for unsolved mysteries, I tell ya...THEN I was going to watch a Christmas Carol DVD and A Muppet Christmas and the DVD player won't work! ACK! THIS, my friends, MUST be remedied at once. I simply cannot miss all the Christmas classics...however will I ring in the season without them?

Meanwhile, the Webmeister and I have been dragging out the Christmas yuletide's where we've gotten thus far:

Pile-O-Christmas Goods


Door Wreath

Webster's Help (I guess he's found HIS Christmas cushion!)

Webbie feeling especially photogenic...he has an anti-photo phobia almost to the degree of my eldest son. However, Webster is small enough to hold and therefore FORCE into a not. :-)

More as progress (hopefully) ensues!



Paula Clare


Anonymous said...

He is cute :) Sandy is often similarly helpful when I'm trying to do something - but once she finds her spot, she's good at


Miss Angie said...

OH NO!!! No yuletide viewing!! That will NEVER do!! I have been burning up the DVD player...I think we have about 6 versions of A Christmas Carol...insane I know, but I can't help it...I love them!!! Not to mention the rest of my um, small library of holiday movie merriment. Saying prayers for your DVD player!! Love the cute pic of your and the adorable!!!

Luvz Ya~
Miss Angie