Wednesday, November 26


This is an "unofficial" posting of a smattering of wedding pictures. DH and I are now heading southwest to spend thanksgiving with the grandbaby, son and daughter-in-love. :-) So we unpack...and then we pack. Again.

Meanwhile, I'd like you to meet Mr. and Mrs. Paul Clouse:

Aren't they radiant? And, the Reluctant Ring Bearer...oh there WILL be stories! Trust me!

And the Unity S'more. Oh yes. I'm serious. Details to come!

The wedding shoes and throw away bouquet...aren't they too die for?

And the reception tables...a few surprises upon our arrival: A) It was a gymnasium, NOT a low-ceilinged reception hall. B) There was a basketball court drawn on the floor C) IT WAS A GYMNASIUM...

However, NOT to be undone or delayed, I wrangled a few of the bridesmaids and hubby dear and we got the place set up in intimate, cozy little gatherings. More pictures of the OVER abundance of desserts and the happy bride and groom. (Oh, and a few of mom and we couldn't seem to get away from the camera that day.... :-(


Miss Angie said...

Oh Hooray! I've been stopping by daily looking forward to the pictures I knew would be forth coming. What a cute, happy couple!!! I love the "smores"...what a "clouse" move THAT is!!! I am anxious to hear the details of that! Happy Thanksgiving Paula!!!!!!


Cat said...

They look beautiful!! The tables and the bouquet are so nice... Totally dig the unity smore :) More pics, more pics!!

Leah said...

pictures have been posted on facebook! These are just a few of the many! Be-friend me and I'll be happy to share them with you!

-Leah Nicole Clouse

scrappysue said...

what a wonderful day paula! and you got to use your crafty goodness to decorate too i see! cant' wait to hear more stories. happy trails!