Friday, October 24


Greetings, dear readers!

Because of the loud outcry from many of you, and because Harold the Cupcake Zombie has been taking out all of his zombie wrath on ME, I have created for him a counterpart. A mate. A sidekick if you will. I would like to introduce Harriet the Cupcake Zombie:

As you can see, rather than wearing the larger, slightly exposed zombie brains on the side, as does Harold, Harriet opts for the more subtle look with a frontal lobotomy. To offset this subtlety, Harriet sports a purple bow to match her lovely glittering lilac icing. Still very zombie-esque, yet understated. Harriet is also one of those whose eyes were sewn shut post mortem, thus the curly eyelashes rather than bloodshot eyeballs. Also, as you can readily tell, Harriet has had many unsuccessful collagen and botox treatments on her lips...are they plumper? Yes, but still quite worthy of zombie attire.

Are we being invaded? I have heard that cupcake zombies are like termites...nobody has just TWO?!?! If you happen to find cupcake zombies on your doorstep (be careful, they can be cleverly disguised as mild mannered Halloween treats!) or if you stumble upon them at All Hallows Eve gatherings, please report the sighting immediately!

From the Zombie Fashion Runway, this is reporter Paula Clare signing off...UNTIL...(insert twilight zone music here)

More soon!


Paula Clare


Elizabeth Holcombe said...

OK, now that is so WHACK-A-DOODLE crazy! Love Harriet!~~~XXOO, Beth

Paula Clare said...

WHY thank you, Beth! I don't know that I've ever been called "Whack a doodle crazy" but I think I like it! LOL