Saturday, October 4


Greetings, dear readers!

I wanted to share a couple of thing with you tonight...first, in the spirit of Halloween, I give you: THE MUMMY:

This was a project from the Sweet and Sinister Blog. Sorry about the lousy picture...but isn't he spooky? Ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh! S-C-A-R-Y! Delightfully sinister!

Now THAT is scary!

Let's turn on the lights and lighten the mood a bit. How about a little RAK for you...something SWEET! I just got a book of paperdolls...and thought I'd share the festive Dolly Dingle with YOU!

Simply right click and save image...and it's all yours! Or download it for a sweet little girl's trick or treat prize! Speaking of sweet little girls...look at this little doll:

It's my niece (now 16) Emileigh dressed as Thumper the Rabbit. She was about 3 here. Isn't she precious? (She's going to kill in hopes of averting a murder, I shall also post a photo a bit more current) STILL adorable, yes?

More soon!


Paula Clare


Rebecca Ramsey said...

What a pretty young lady!
And what a pretty Witch Paula Clare in your new banner!
I always love hopping over to your blog!

Elizabeth Holcombe said...

Your mummy candle is so spook-a-licious! I am tickled to bits that you got such a wonderful rush of childhood memories from the school things your purchased from my etsy shop! Thanks SO much for sharing!~~~XXOO, Beth

Miss Angie said...

I actually like the "mummy" candle! But then I'm a huge lover/horder of candles of any kind...I just LOVE LOVE LOVE them!! I am totally nuts about the paperdolls!!! They are such vintage yumminess!!! Thanks for sharing with us!!!

Love Ya~
Miss Angie

Cat said...

she's soooo cute. In both pictures!!!

Bunny B said...

Thumper the bunny is sooooo adorable!!! And she's grown into a pretty lil lady too!! :)