Thursday, October 23


Greetings, dear readers!

I am SO excited to make this hubby and I have prayed long and hard over whether or not we wanted to be "parents" again...and in our indecision, fate (read that, GOD) intervened and now we are going to be adding a new member to our family!

As many of you know, my youngest sister, her husband and my two dear nieces are moving out of the country at the end of the year. The initial plan was that the ENTIRE family would be going...however, due to the customs of the country they are entering, and due to the fact that this family member does NOT travel well, one family member is going to be left behind...and move in with us!

Dear friends, I'd like for you to meet Webster:

(Yes, he has TWO eyes...the photo just shows one very, very dark)

Webbie and his favorite toy

Is he not precious? Webster (yes, named after the dictionary) is a miniature Schnauzer...a SILVER miniature schnauzer. He is the most well behaved, best trained dog we have ever had the pleasure of knowing. A year or two ago, I stayed with my nieces while my sister and her husband went to visit the country they are now going to be moving to. Besides having a wonderful time crafting, playing, and hanging with my nieces, Webbie and I (that's what he is fondly called by family members) bonded. In short, I fell in love with this furry little guy, and we got along like we lived together all our lives. In fact, he was SO good I came home and began researching what kind of dog would be best for the lifestyle we live. The miniature Schnauzer and Boston Terrier tied for "dogs most likely to succeed" in the Clouse House.

YAY! I'm so excited! I'm gonna be a mommy (I Know the dog whisperer is thinking, "OH NO! Another of THOSE kinds of dog owners!!!) Well, yes and no. As I said, Webster is very well trained and I will NOT undo that. He goes to his kennel at night for bed and he eats only dog food. He does tricks because Emileigh (the oldest daughter) has trained him remarkably. SO, we will NOT be tampering with the perfection that is already in Webster's personality. However, he WILL be loved on and hugged and cared for and will become a member of the family...hopefully, prayerfully, without a great deal of stress and anguish on his part.

Anyway, I am honored and excited to join the ranks of the many millions of "dog owners" in the country! WOOT!

I've been ill the last two or three days, but in between my horizontal bouts of fever, chills and delirium, I have had feeling-better vertical moments. (Envision me crawling to the craft table...well, maybe not QUITE) Here is what I've made today...

That should complete my Halloween ATCs for the swap. I am due to receive several batches of ATCs in the mail...a few even from London! When I get them, I will of course play "show and tell" with you all!

More soon!


Paula Clare


Anonymous said...

Glad to see you joining me as a dog owner, you shant be sorry, I promise it.

The thing I'm noticing this go round is that I am much less one of "those" dog owners...HA!!!


Rebecca Ramsey said...

Congratulations! Webbie is such a cutie! How our doggy has enriched our lives! Yey for you.

Beautiful work too! And you were sick? Wow!

Miss Angie said...

Awwww....what a cutie your future child is!!! My dear friend from High School...Roger (perhaps you remember him from my days at Hen House..ugh!) Anywhoooo....he is nutsy mad about miniature schnauzer dogs..owning three and having countless pictures, statues, fridge magnets etc also bearing their likeness...yes, he is definately one of THOSE kinds of dog owners. But having met his beloved three furry friends I must admit they ARE a very wonderful breed...I think "Webbie" will love his new life in the Clouse House. And I know it will make your sister and her family feel much better having left him in your capable hands!

Love Ya~
Miss Angie

scrappysue said...

congratulations MOM!!! he's very cute. word verification says 'kinda'!

Paula Clare said...

Thanks everyone for the comments about Webbie! We can't wait for the little furry bundle to arrive (actually we must go fetch him...) but with the wedding of number 2 son mid November, we may be looking at a Christmas puppy!