Sunday, September 21


Greetings, dear readers!

Well, at long last I have a goodly portion of my shoppe items posted in a format that you can now browse and peruse. However, due to circumstances FAR BEYOND MY CONTROL, (tech issues...believe me when I tell you I am sparing you the horror of the gorey little details) prices and such are not on the blog. So when you find a piece and/or kit you are DYING to purchase, please email me to get prices and shipping costs.

SO, without further adieu, I give you Art In Season. Remember this blog is a temporary format until my shop opens officially with Lollishops. Meanwhile, enjoy!

Thank you all, dear readers, for your amazing show of support and enthusiasm for my little shop!

More soon!


Paula Clare


Diana Evans said...

Hi Paula...I come via my sweet friend Fannie...she did a wonderful write up on you and your work!!

nice to meet you!

TracyB said...

LOVE your Halloween Art!! Halloween is my MOST favorite holiday to decorate for :)

Rebecca Ramsey said...

Paula Clare, I LOVE your shop! Love the colors and patterns of the backdrop, and especially all of your spooky goodies!
Well done!