Friday, September 19


Greetings, dear readers!

I have been furiously uploading photos and writing descriptions for my little shoppe of goodies...I'm hoping to be "unofficially opened" this weekend! The Lollishops mall is taking a bit longer than expected, so rather than create an e-commerce page that has to be REcreated all over again, I am simply going to add the photos to a blog and let you come in and peruse there! If you have any questions and/or want more info please email me.
(sneak peek at a table o'goods)

Remember, the name of the shoppe is "ART IN SEASON" which means I will be selling seasonal papercrafts and home decor items...but I will also have those one-of-a-kind home decor "kits" that are season-neutral. :-) There will also be an occasional item that may not pertain to any particular just depends on how my creative "mojo" works (or doesn't work)on any given day.

Most items are OOAK (one of a kind) because I simply cannot seem to get into the "mass production" type of mode. I may make more than one of a particular KIND, but rarely will you see two identical items. I just don't "Roll" that way! ha!

Soooooo, back to the photo uploading! Just wanted to pop in and give you this update. I'll hopefully be back later to greet you and invite you into the shoppe!


Rebecca Ramsey said...

Very cool spooky stuff, Paula Clare!

Bunny B said...

Looking great! :)