Saturday, September 27


Greetings, boys and ghouls...(sorry, I couldn't resist)!

I have been busily working on my online classes, as well as preparing more goodies for Art In Season. By the way, kudos to Ngaire for mentioning my little shop on her blog! I appreciate all the positive PR I can get!

Here are my most recent projects from my class with Teresa McFayden:

A Welcome sign complete with ghoulish photo (okay, so she looks NICE, I couldn't help it. I didn't want to SCARE my company away!), vintage laces and brooch:

And then a door hanger sign...which was supposed to say "SPOOKY"...but I'm feeling a bit more in thanksgiving mode these I made a "BLESSED" sign instead!

Other than making an incredible mess, these two projects were easy peasy! Several layers and steps to each, but about an hour for each project. (Of course, if I'd have had all of my materials set aside at the BEGINNING of said project, it would have shortened my work time considerably, however, my creative "mojo" doesn't "roll" that way! I do a "create on the fly" kind of thing! It takes more time but I end up much happier with my projects!)

More soon!


Paula Clare


Anonymous said...

Hey ms creative!! WOW I love your items!! your halloween items were awesome! I just wanted to pop on over and give you a big hug
(((((((((BIG HUG)))))))))))
and tell you thankyuo soo much for leaving a sweet comment on my blog and being here for me when I was going through the toughest part of recovery from ike! thank you soo much!!! HUGS


scrappysue said...

they're gorgeous paula! love the lettering

Maggie R said...

Hi Paula,
Just glided in from Fannie's blog where we share the award... Isn't that fun!!!
Had to see what you were up to . Love what you do.....You are an inspiration;-}