Tuesday, August 26


Greetings, dear reader!

First of all, I must 'fess up' that there are no wallabies in this post...well...other than these:

Aren't they adorable? I thought so...but they have absolutely nothing to do with anything except that I LOVE alliteration...so I needed a catchy "W" word, dig? Anyhoo, on to the post!

As you can see in my sidebar, I am participating in Artsy Mama's Sweet and Sinister Swap as well as her online class. Here are projects made from yesterday's tutorial from Jennifer Lee of Artrageous Afternoon Behold, the "Scaredy Cat Wands!"

These are, par my usual, not just like her tutorial...I used hollow paper mache forms, poked a hole in the bottom and put beans in them so they are Halloween rattles (I seem to have some memory of my gramma telling me that their Halloween toys during the Great Depression were rattles made with decorated cardboard boxes and beans...I guess these are those...several generations removed!) Instead of glitter around the edges, I used silver chenille pipe cleaners (I like the vintage-y look of them) and instead of paper banners I used faux typewriter keys to spell out Halloween-esque words. I added LOTS more ribbon than was called for, a jack o lantern jingle bell, and a stylish witches hat and crown (fashion first as they say!) Anyway, here are my versions...:

And then, just because I was having so much fun, I made this little wall hanging. It's from one of my favorite authors...Edgar Allen Poe! And one of my FAVE poems; quite "spooky" (if you ask me) is "The Raven." I painted the disc black, sanded and "ratted up" the edges, created the images with Photoshop Elements, printed them out on parchment paper, and then decoupaged them onto the paper mache disc. (It's about 6: in diameter). Of course I had to "grunge" things up a bit...I finished by using vintage seam binding for a hanger. And voila! A literary piece of Halloween decor!

And finally, since I did a lot of things on the "sinister" side, I of course had to create something "sweet", so here it is: A Vintage Halloween Rattle!

Thanks for stopping by! And, OH! I haven't forgotten about the drawing for the sample shoppe item...I will be doing the drawing on video and posting tomorrow! Stay tuned!

More soon!

Paula Clare


Anonymous said...

Those ARE cute!

Miss Angie said...

Too wonderful! I, of course, prefer the cutesy rattle myself...so vintage and lovely!!! Look forward to tomorrow's video!! WOO HOO!!!

Miss Angie