Monday, August 4


G'day mates! How are you all on this "balmy" Tuesday? (I use the term balmy loosely...the temperature and heat index are 104 degrees currently) AND, (oh you'll love this) our air conditioner died yesterday. Totally. There was no resurrecting it, the motor was completely blown. I would love to tell you I handled this development with dignity and grace...but I'd be lying through my teeth. I don't "do" heat well. AND I'm asthmatic on top of it heat+humidity=BAD in my estimation. So I got NO sleep and flipped and flopped like a fish on a sandbar all night long. THEN, sleep deprived, woke up with the house already 80+ at 7 a.m.

A friend offered me refuge for the day in her "cave" and so I took her up on it.

We crafted and created all day long in a temperature 65 degrees. AHhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

Here are a couple of my creations:

The original designs are from the amazing Sandra Evertson (OH HOW I LOVE HER WHIMSICAL STYLE!) Her blog is a wonderful source of inspiration! We then changed things up a bit to make festive decorations for the upcoming Halloween season!

What are YOU doing to prepare for Halloween? It's not typically a big holiday for me, but the vintage images are so sweet...I was swept up in the madness...

And I received my prize from the Artsy Mama Sweet and Sinister Swap! It's FABulous!

One of the BEST things about Halloween? Seeing all of the creative ways YOU, dear reader, make it festive! Share with me your photos and creations and I'll post them here or link to them on your blog! Isn't it fun to be part of the creative kingdom of Blogville?

More soon!


Paula Clare

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Contessa Kris said...

Ohhhhh, I'm in love with the little box with head! So sorry to hear your AC is out. I would die. Sounds like we're a lot alike. I melt really. Hope its fixed soon.

Wanted to let you know I gave you an award on my blog. Thanks for always being such an inspiration!

Giggles said...

Adorable I love your box heads!! As for the heat...poor you! I despise the heat too! My solution is to get in the bath and soak my hair and everything then go to bed pretty much least you get a few hours sleep. I have even made a nightie damp and slept in that. Trust me it works. If you are worried about your sheets...just throw another one over the bottom one! Best of luck to you! Oh and keep the water in the tub with nice smelly stuff...then you can dip at your leisure!It gets you through those rough spots!

Hugs Gigg;es

Anonymous said...

For Halloween, I'm doing some Witchy and Pumkiny ACEO's, much like the one we ran across last year that sold for an arm and a leg.

My hope is to have halloween done this month and do a couple ones with thanksgiving themes next.

Miss Angie said...

UGH!! MAN...can I sympathize with you on the A/C problem. Our A/C in our van has been out the entire summer...which is a diabolical nightmare in and of itself; can't imagine the the A/C in the house going AWOL. Glad you found refuge at dear Deb's house. I am SOOOOO looking forward to the autumn, it is without a doubt my most beloved time of year. I must say however,that I rather detest Halloween for the most part...I've always seen it as something to be endured so we can get on to the real holidays of Thanksgiving and Christmas...but I LOVE the vintage Halloween "stuff" you have...makes Halloween "cute" somehow....whodathunkit?? My condolences to you on the lose of your "loved one" (your beloved A/C.) Hope everything is "cool" soon!!! In the meantime, open the fridge door, set a fan in front of the open door, crank that fan up to 1,000 gigawatts and "chill" for awhile! Ahh....don't you feel better now??

Hugs (while hybernating from humidity!)
Miss Angie

Amanda said...

I loooove the halloween tags - And your new creation with the head is cute :)

Amanda said...

I loooove the halloween tags - And your new creation with the head is cute :)

scrappysue said...

i just LOVE those halloween tags paula!