Monday, August 25


Greetings, dear readers! Happy Monday to ye all!

Just a quick note amidst the madness to let you know my little shop (Art In Season) will be included in the Lollishops Mall! WOOT!

One thing I am NOT going to do is turn THIS blog into a perpetual advertisement for my shop. I just hate it when people do after this post, I will put the happy button in my sidebar and speak not of it again...UNTIL IT OPENS mid September. Deal? Alrighty then...onto other news...

My darling nieces and I had OH SO MUCH FUN in St.'s a video snippet from the "Auntie Cam" of one of the many stops along our "TOUR DE PAULA"

More photos, stories and bloggy goodness to come! (The girls are holding the photos hostage until such time as they can get home and include them on their Facebook pages. Meanwhile, Auntie Paula has to WAIT! BOO!)

More soon!

Paula Clare


Anonymous said...

How neat is that! What a neat venue :)


Miss Angie said...'s so sad that those girls don't look like their darling mother.(and their Auntie as well for that matter...) I LOVE the should do way more of those! They are fab and of course dripping with your humorous rhetoric. What delightful insanity!!!

Grins & Giggles~
Miss Angie

"every emergency kit should include a sense of humor"