Tuesday, August 12


Greetings dear readers! (I've tried out other things, but I keep coming back to this. It's an odd salutation, I realize, but it seems to suit me best...)

Since most of the recipients have received their RAKs, I'm going to show you what I sent out (literally all over the world)

I filled them with coffee candy and chocolate creme savers. :-) I also sent a few other little goodies, which you can ogle here, here, and here. How sweet of you all to post about them! They came from the wonder-full Seneca Pond Crafts...which made them easy peasy to create. Print, cut out, glue and fill! Quick and painless. Truly. The sweet tags came from her shop too.

Now for the "carried away" part...as you all know, I am part of the Artsy Mama Sweet and Sinister Swap. WELL, the basis for the swap is Halloween. And, well. As I've said before, I'm not much of a Halloween person...but this year I've gone a little "ape"...

I made this from the Making Memories new Spellbound line.

It came in a kit...and it is enormous. Probably 5-6 feet long. Truly a banner for a grand hall or wall or something...this is the shot from the package...I just LOVE that it says "All Hallows Eve" instead of Halloween. Sounds more spooky, don't you think?

Of course I can NEVER make anything like the instructions tell me. I have to add my own little embellishments and such...my mom always said, "You can never leave well enough alone..." Well, 'well enough' isn't ... ME.

Here I've photographed each letter, to show you what MY version looks like. It's very similar, but there ARE differences (this is starting to sound like a "Where's Waldo" episode) AAAAAaaaaaaannyway,

And of course because I CAN'T leave well enough alone, I'll add more embellies before all is said and done.

I also made this: (please ignore my hideous, HIDEOUS door). I printed letters and vintage pictures on tagboard, then cut them out, punched holes with my handy dandy Cropodile, and wove orange furry fiber through to finish. Voila! Banner!

I'm also in the throes of creating witch's wand noisemakers (rattles) and spooky hooks. Here's a sneaky peeky:

OH! I haven't forgotten about the announcement...stay tuned!

More soon!


Paula Clare


Giggles said...

Wow Paula it's all so beautiful!! You have such a flair for packaging!! What a generous soul you are!! Love to you!

Hugs Sherrie

Rebecca Ramsey said...

Paula Clare! I'm just thrilled!
This morning my son brought a box in my room and said, "Oh mom...I forgot. This came for you."
I could have throttled that boy! A package came, and he forgot to tell me?!
I opened it right up and I couldn't believe my eyes! Thank you SO MUCH for sending me such treasures!
I will blog about it soon, but I wanted to let you know that yes I did receive it, and I'm blown away with your creativity and generosity!
You are a sweetheart!
Love, Becky

Miss Angie said...

Such talent....you make me ill!! *just kidding* Hmmmm.....you have any "scarecrow" ideas?? Not much on Halloween, but I do like the autumn scarecrows...any good ideas pass them along aye?? Your Halloween banners are really fab!!!

Miss Angie

Anonymous said...

Great Stuff! **Taps fingers on desk** Now, about that announcement.....?


LizzyJ said...

Great banner! And I love the music on you site :)

Oh, you have reminded me now that I need to get ready for Hallow's Eve (yes, does sound spookier). You got a good headstart, my dear!

Regiane Santos said...

Thanks for visiting my blog!!
Your work is so beautiful!!!