Friday, August 1


Hello, Lovies! (I'm trying out a different sounds best if you say it with a very thick English accent)

I've been so thrilled to hear your comments via blogpost and email about the art journals and the inspiration you're gaining from them! I have journals that are full of writing only, but I generally (at some point) end up drawing or sketching or coloring SOMETHING. The following pages are from a journal I took with me while on retreat at Vision of Peace Hermitage. It was an amazing 2 days of absolute surrender to silence, solitude, and creativity! When I am truly feeling inspired, I get brave. Fearless even. And I attempt drawing what's in my head. I don't think myself much of an artist by any means, however, I find that I CAN sketch. It's always so exhilarating to me to see what I've accomplished when I duct tape the mouth of the inner critic and just "GO FOR IT!"

Remember "Someguy" the artist who began the 1000 Journal madness? He is such an inspiration to me, and a true artist who puts self aside in order to allow the creative process to take place. Listen to this as he exhorts us to "Rediscover Your Creativity"

"If you ask a kindergarten class how many of them are artists, they'll all raise their hands. Ask the same question of 6th graders, and maybe one third will respond. Ask high school grads, and few will admit to it. (explained in Orbiting the Giant Hairball)

What happens to us growing up? We begin to fear criticism, and tend to keep our creativity to ourselves. Many people keep journals, of writing or sketching, but not many share them with people. (when was the last time a friend invited you to read their diary?) You will not be judged here. And you will have company. This is for you. For everyone."

I admit it is a brave thing to display your art for the world to see...there are always critics. And always the chance of being misinterpreted and/or misunderstood. But I decided long ago, that the gift of creativity is given to us to give AWAY, not to hoard or keep to ourselves. And so, on that note, I give you another of my art journals. The "theme" here will be pretty obvious...

I am in the process of coloring them in with colored pencil...I wanted to keep the orginal sketch, tho, in digital form, so that, on the off chance someone might want a print, I can accomodate the request. :-)

SOooo tonight was the premiere of the documentary 1000 Journals in San Francisco!

The Roxie theatre will host the show and the director will be there to take questions and discuss the film! WOW! What an opportunity! It will be playing for a week, so you California locals be sure to check the 1000 Journals Website for more info! The rest of us will have to wait for the DVD (BOO).

I hope something I've said or shown you has inspired you to the point of your at least THINKING about starting an art journal. I am working on two more right is based on my poem "The Princess and the Pirate" and Peter Pan, and the other a Halloween Art Journal! I'll be sharing as the projects progress! Here's a little peek to "pique" your interest!

Part of a Halloween Canvas I'm working on! (You can't see it but there are sparklies all over the fabric!)

Embroidery style look familiar? Patterns from the amazing Elsie Flannigan of Love, Elsie fame.

Thanks for stopping by! More soon!


Paula Clare



Miss Angie said...

These are all just wonderful Paula!! You are so inspiring...I need to find a roll of that duct tape for my "inner critic" too. What an annoyance she can be!!! UGH!!! Your sketches are great!!

Miss Angie

Anonymous said...

I LOVE them! Wouldn't those look nice as some sort of ACEO theme? Hermitage...retreat....soon, I hope!


Sea Dream Studio said...

Hi Paula~ I appreciate your kind words on my blog and look forward t meeting you at my at my Magical Lantern class!!
I adore your marvelous drawings and words about St. Framcis!

Rebecca Ramsey said...

What a wonderful retreat that must have been! Thank you for sharing your journal pages. I loved it ALL! The sketches and story--I love Buechner's writings, and the scripture from Job.
Thanks Paula!