Wednesday, July 23


Greetings, dear reader!

Well, between the technological email conspiracy and the fact that I have found ZERO (that's nada, zip, the big goose egg) altered art events and/or workshops here in the midwest (CHA in Chicago doesn't count...gotta be on the INSIDE of the scrapbooking/art scene to find a place there!) I have thrown myself a MAJOR pity party in the last couple of days. And so, I wanted to invite YOU, gentle reader, to said pity party. Let us all "wah wah" together and in so doing create an impenetrable wall of despair and disgruntledness (is that a word?!?!) Ready? Set? WALLOW! WALLOW I TELL YOU! WALLOW and feel desperately sorry for yourself!

Allllllllllllllrighty then. That's about enough of THAT! SOOooooooooo I have a proposal for you local and semi-local yokels. It's a "poll" if you will. Here's what I want to know:

If I offered an AltAred Art event, would you prefer a 1 day event? 2 day event? Retreat setting? Meals included? Scrapbooking included? Not included? Mixed media and altered art ONLY? Would you like to buy the supplies yourself (from a supply list) or have me provide them at an additional cost? Should there be a THEME? Altered books? Home Decor? Sewing? Jewelry? All of the above? None of the above?

While pondering this artless wasteland that is the midwest, I was smitten with an idea (UH OH) and it's a biggie (UH OH) but I need your input. So...speak to me, blogdom! What kind of event(s) are you dreaming of? OH DO tell, won't you?

I await your answers with bated breath...(meanwhile, I shall be about the business of research etc. etc.)


More soon!


Paula Clare

PS I am sending RAKs to Sunday AND Tuesday's commenters. WOOT! GOOD TIMES! NO WHAMMIES!


scrappysue said...

2 day event please - EVERYTHING, and i mean EVERYTHING included!!!!!

quitecontrary1977 said...

i'm not local so i can't help you there. but i'm having agiveaway and wanted to invite you! come on over and pick a prize!

paula clare said...

OKAY, where are the rest of you locals? Did you take offense because I called you YOKELS? I meant nothing by it...all in good fun, yes? NOW, I want to hear from YOU...YES, it's YOU I'm pointing at. Answer my questions! I COMMAND YOU! (pretty please? I'm not very good at the barking out orders thing...just ask my kids! They used to laugh me to scorn because I could never be stern and keep a straight face!) I digress...

THE POLL! ANSWER! Or else. ha ha

Anonymous said...

I'll respond more fully by email, BUT overnight at least, if I have to cart my goodies, make it worth the gathering of them. Who needs food, I travel with Chex mix. Can't remember the other questions. OOPS..


Edys Gonçalves said...

I'm not local but... I agree with the coment of 'scrappysue'!!


Tina said...

That's the WHOLE reason we started up Paper Cowgil!! nothing in our area...Go for it PC!!

Marilyn said...

I guess I would be a semi-local yokel so definitely overnight. (By the way, no offense taken by 'yokel', I just somehow missed this post.) Meals included, and actually, everything included would be nice. Retreat setting sounds good too:)