Tuesday, June 10


Greetings dear reader! I thought I'd photograph a few of the things that I have been tie dying lately...

This is handmade paper from Nepal...it's pages from a journal purchased in store at Barnes and Noble (who SWORE, via a tag inside the little book, that it was purchased Fair Trade. I'd better not find out otherwise!) Is it not fab? The sad thing is you can't FEEL (or even see very well) the great nubby texture. I just love thick, tactile paper! Anyway...it was originally kind of an ivory color...I began using Ranger Alcohol Inks with my Ranger Mini Mister bottles,

but alas, ranger alcohol inks are designed to stay on just about anything...so I didn't want to waste them. ... Then I remembered I had a package of art inks...purchased from Dick Blick a thousand years ago. Behold:

...so I mixed said inks with a little bit of water
(much more economical!) and voila! TIE DYE! (the polka dots were made with these cool little mini ink stampers...purchased from the clearance rack at Hobby Lobby! You'll never know what you might find...and since altered artists use virtually "anything that's not nailed down", always, ALWAYS scour the clearance racks!)

I will use these to hang up a "clothesline" full of ATCs (once I start trading them...hint, hint). And see the old fashioned clothespins? You may not be able to see it in the photo, but I added Stickles paint to each and they glitter like sugar coated gumdrops! I will use them to wrap ribbon and other trims.

This is an incredibly easy and fun way to color papers, clothespins, inanimate objects...and, unfortunately, people, bed linens, curtains...(by the way, turn OFF the ceiling fan while spraying! A lesson learned the hard way!)

More soon!



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One word...SHARE!!!!!!


Okay, I just went over my word limit :P

Cat said...

OOOOO LOVE it!! I also really dig your new banner up top :)