Monday, June 9


Greetings, dear reader! Remember the kid's game? Now that I think of it, I don't believe I've ever played it!

As Twitter promised, here is the kitschy little store in Colorado that I foretold of...isn't it...great?!

I'm not sure exactly what about the little store appeals to seems...I don't know, nostalgic somehow. I think it reminds me of a 1950's kitchen.

The store sells cherry juice, cherry cider, cherry candy, cherry salsa, cherry soup, cherry soda...we purchased some chocolate covered cherry taffy and a bag of cherry trail mix. SOOOOOOO good!

I unfortunately didn't take a picture of the owner (s)...however, please take my word for it when I tell you she was a certifiable, authentic-from-the-60s hippie. The genuine article, I tell you. She smelled of patchouli and incense, wore a long patchwork skirt and peace sign earrings. I felt an immediate kinship...AND (Ngaire) FYI; no sign stating 'Hippies Use Back Door!"

I'm not sure what the deal is with the jugs hanging all around...but it was eye catching. Looking at the pictures now I'm thinking perhaps I should partake in the Sadie Olive Shades of Inspiration Challenge. I really need to beef up my photography skills...this would be a great "excuse" to do so.

The "shade" of inspiration right now is's one of my favorite colors, so it shouldn't be hard to find several things to inspire!

I'll be a photo snapping fool for the next few days...what about you? Can you find "green" inspiration?

More soon!


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Bunny B said...

What an interesting shop!