Tuesday, June 3


Greetings, dear reader!

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Thank you so much!


princessteach said...

Very cute blog. I read your comment on Work in Progress, blog. I am not happy about becoming a empty nest person. My baby is graduating next week, don't like it. (Insert tears) You will have to give me some hints on coping.

paula clare said...

Hi Princess!
(I've always wanted to say that!) Hints on Coping: Let's see...

1. Remain calm.

2. ALWAYS carry tissues with you...(even the drive thru lane of McDonald's can bring you to tears while waxing nostalgic, one can think of the "Happy Meal" days of yesteryear and before you know it, BAM! The flood ensues)

3. Remember you'll ALWAYS be a mom...just not in the same capacity.

4. Ignore rule 1.

5. If you don't have a hobby, GET ONE! Go on trips with girlfriends, go back to college, take up making pottery, become an archaeologist...DO something to fill the hours. (Bear in mind "sad" still catches up with you...but it's infinitely easier to deal with if you're too busy to ruminate!)

I will also post these helpful hints on the WIP blog...just in case you don't make it back here! (Let's hope you DO...blogging is one of the hobbies *I* took up to help fill some of the empty nest time!)

Paula Clare aka Disgruntled Empty Nester