Friday, June 27


I'm invited to a party! I AM somebody! I AM somebody! Here's the flyer:

I'm going to wear my best paper crown, sparkling wings, and my mermaid tail (I just got it back from the dry cleaners)! HIP HIP HOORAY for a Mad Tea PAR-TAY!

AND because I am rapidly approaching my 200th blogpost, (this is 192) I am going to be doing a FAB giveaway as well! I'll be celebrating both here AND at the party...ah the wonders of technology. I CAN be in two places at once! Blogland, how I love thee!

And how I love YOU, dear reader! You have made my bloggy world what it is today...and so, a fun giveaway...or two. Or three. I'm mad! Mad I tell you! Mad about tea parties and blog parties and fanciful giveaways! I will be sharing some of my "ancient history" photos, (me as a wee one) and some of my recent artwork, and giving away goodie bags, vintage trims, gorgeous vintage pins and much much more!

DOooo join, us, won't you? It will be so much more fun with you there! Oh! Here's one of the lovelies to be given away tomorrow...

So grab a friend and come to the party! See you there!

More soon!



scrappysue said...

can't wait! have fun! take lots of pics!

Bunny B said...

Woohoo!! Looks like a fun, whimsical party!

quitecontrary1977 said...

loving the song!

Sherry/Cherie said...

Will definitely see you there Paula...I'll save you a seat!