Monday, June 2


Greetings, dear reader! Those of you who follow me on Twitter, (and if you're NOT, why NOT?) know that I told of a fabulous place found in Colorado that oozed of Bohemian culture and cuisine. I give you, "The Bohemian Cottage" (Aren't the colors just yummy?):

In great European fashion, the food was served in several courses. Here, we have been brought a tureen full of Czech Potato soup with Bulgarian Dumplings...YUM!

The decor was out of this world...and it occurred to me WHY I like the "Bohemian style"'s a little of everything...and VERY colorful! Lucy hand painted the entire cottage! Gorgeous! She decorates like I do!

The food was amazing...I had Wiener (VEENER) Shnitzel with potatoes (which is actually Austrian, not German) and my husband had Roast Schnitzel with mushrooms, gravy and potatoes. The portions were huge...and, unlike many restaurants, our waitress (who was the co-owner) and her husband (the cook and other co-owner) came to our table to chat and see how we liked the food. They were a delightful couple...very genuine and kind. They both had really, neat accents. (Czechoslovakian) They have been in the states for many years, but you'd never know it...they sounded like they just got off the boat! Here's a photo of Lucy, Henry, and hubby dearest:

Apparently Lucy is quite the gardener also...she was talking to another patron and invited she and her husband out to their garden to talk plants:

Thanks, Lucy and Henry! Eating at the Bohemian Cottage was a WONDERFUL experience!

So dear reader, if ever you are in the Loveland/Estes Park, Colorado area, you must stop in and say hello to this fun couple! Oh...and DO prepare to eat too much! Apparently it's the "Bohemian" way!

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Anonymous said...

Oh how fabulous are all the decorations!!! Handpainted, WOW. I'm just now toying with stencil templates a bit for the bedroom, still not seen that "thing" that will light my creativity for that space. Different foods are one of the things I'm squirmy about though, I'm always petrified it will be something I can't even choke down and I'll offend the maker of said food. Who knows what I might be missing out on?

I fare much better at cooking something new and feeding it to people and watching how it is received, for better or worse.


Cat said...

Oh I love the photos! The place looks so cute and I love the one of you and your hubby.

Bunny B said...

Wow! Unique place. Sounds fun :)