Thursday, June 5


I just discovered one of the most unique shops EVER...check this out:

His Etsy Shop Banner Reads: "Art Impresio for Post Mushroom Cloud Living"

POST MUSHROOM CLOUD! Ha! That KILLS me! Here's one of his current art offerings with accompanying explanation:

"Hi I’m Porkchop Scottie Lyon and this is one of my art creations.

It’s a hand made shadow box titled, “Robot Madness”. Each box is a special piece of original artwork for your art collection or makes a perfect gift.

This box features a collection of vintage tin robots and the quote, “Run for your Lives! The Robots are Coming!” Surely a great gift for your favorite paranoid friend."

With his other creations, "Toasted Frogs" and "Impossible Cake Jumps in Pastoral Landscape" one has to wonder if this guy is "hitting on all cylinders." LOL! FINALLY! Someone with as warped a sense of humor as me! S-C-A-R-Y! You'll see I have added his unique shop to my MUSE column...

For all your warped and twisted shopping needs, stop by Scottie Lyons PorkChop Shop.

(Disclaimer: I was not compensated in any way for this promotion of the PorkChop fact, Scottie does not yet know I'm featuring him on my blog...could I get sued for this?!?!)

And of course by now I'm sure you've seen the fab Sassafras Lass papers: Robotics?

I bought this paper as soon as it hit the market...just not sure what I'm going to do with it yet...I am now inspired, tho, so who knows where it will show up...or HOW for that matter!?

Carry On...

More soon.


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Anonymous said...

I wandered in there and immediately noticed what must have drawn you, the beheaded robots in "Psycho Monkey Dolls"