Monday, June 30


Greetings, dear reader!

I've kept you waiting long enough! The winner of the rose, irridescent cup is:


Blogger Brook said...

What fun! My what beautiful mermaids! It was certainly a delightful party!

The winner of the fab, hip, mod pin is:
Giggles! Isn't THAT appropriate?!?!

Blogger Giggles said...

You out did yourself! Loved the cake beautiful and delicious! Glad I stopped by!

Happy Hatter day!

The winner of the scripture cup is:


Blogger Heidi Ann said...

Hi Paula, Thank you so much for taking the time to comment about my post! I so appreciate it!...& thanks for the invitation to your delightful "party"!!! This was so much fun!!!...Save a glass of bubbly for me!!!...Heidi :)

Congrats, ladies! Contact me via email so I can get your goodies to you post haste!

The rest of you partyers, check back 200th blog post is coming up soon (this is 195!) There will be a giant altered art and scrapbooking oh-my-gosh-isn't-this-the-best" Goodie Box given away that day!

Thanks for coming to the party...and now the mersisters are going to beach themselves for awhile...their tails simply MUST go to the cleaners again...they have become quite shriveled from all the hot tubbing!


Jennie said...

Hi Paula, thank you for stopping by my blog:)you are in the draw!
I like yours.....
Jennie x

Debbie said...

Hi Paula, stop by my blog you have a gift there.


Fifi Flowers said...

Love music on blogs! FUN!

Brook said...

Thank you so much! You are awesome! This is the long lost sister of my tea cup sitting on my hutch!